Diego De Pasqual was born in Belluno, Italy, in 1978 and he started playing the piano at the age of 7, attending the local music schools. He worked with some local ensembles as pianist and arranger and subsequently as pianist with the choir and orchestra of Vicenza for a serious of concerts and shows between 2000 and 2004.In 2005 he began studying harmony and counterpoint with Maestro Roberto Salvalaio and in 2014 he gained an honours degree with the maximum mark in Woodwind Orchestra Instrumentation and Conducting at the Conservatory of Trento under the tutelage of Maestro Daniele Carnevali.From 2010 he has continued, on a regular basis, to attend masterclasses and musical education seminars on conducting and composing, led by such world-famous musicologists as Ferrer Ferran, Donald Hunsberger, André Waignein, Josè Rafael Pascual Vilaplana, Johan De Meij, Marco Somadossi, Daniele Carnevali, Anna Maria Ferrone, Giancarlo Guarino, etc. In 2012, his first work for woodwind orchestra entitled La finestra sul Lago (the window on the lake) was published by the Turin-based publisher Scomegna, the compulsory piece for category 2 in the 2015 international band competition Flicorno d’Oro and one of the optional pieces for the 2018 Landeswertungsspiele.In 2016, at the 17th national book fair for young people held in Bra in the Province of Cuneo staged the debut of the complete work for voice and woodwind orchestra HAARLAND - La leggenda del libro d’oro, original music and text entirely written by this composer from Belluno. For its first performance, the work was entrusted to the conductor Maestro Valerio Semprevivo and IL RISVEGLIO, the philharmonic orchestra of Dogliani (CU).From 2013 to 2017 he worked hard and with enormous commitment as conductor of the Bellunobased Città di Feltre Band and he has appeared as guest conductor in many other Italian events, offering woodwind masterclasses and clinics.


Tales from Haarland (2018)
This piece is a suite taken from the work for narrator and woodwind orchestra Haarland - La
leggenda del libro d’oro (Haarland - The legend of the golden book), first performed in Italy
at the 17th national book fair for young people held in Bra in the Province of Cuneo. The
suite reworks 4 of the 10 episodes presented in the complete work and it was written for
performance without the narrative part. All 4 pieces feature the main leitmotif upon which
the complete work is built and which appears in each of the movements in ever newer and
more diverse forms that are still clearly identifiable to the listeners.
The original work Haarland – La leggenda del libro d’oro by Diego De Pasqual is divided into
10 main scenes, taking the form of a film in sound in which each musical episode illustrates
the previous chapter spoken by the narrator, extending its content and emotional impact.
Thanks to the music all listeners can use their own musical imagination to elaborate upon
the text narrated in each chapter.
In each scene the music follows the theme of the recited text illustrating all its features,
from landscape to characters, as well as the deeper psychological and emotional aspects of
the main characters in the legend. The emotive power so typical of music arouses different
feelings and sensations according to the musical content, enabling all listeners to make it
their own, creating their personal image of the story. In this composition the music does not
merely complete the words, rather it reaches beyond them, engaging the imagination of the
listeners and conveying them to a deeper, more personal level, thus enriching the objective,
descriptive text with a powerful subjective component.
The main plot-line of the work concerns the eternal struggle between good and evil,
represented by the composer in the form of a fantasy in which, at the end, when evil seems
to have overcome everything, good is able to win out, thanks to the fire of love and
sacrifice, restoring peace and prosperity to the land of Haarland, where all the action takes
The narrated text is also divided into ten main scenes, alternating with the musical scenes,
thus describing the content of the legend from the point of view of the narrator who, as an
elderly sage, relates the deeds and virtues of the characters lighting up the pages of this
legend, now lost in the mists of time.

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